Video Logistics

Vidlogics builds and customises cloud based platforms for media services companies.

Using our extensive code base we can rapidly produce and deploy highly scalable cloud based systems for the processing, archiving, management and distribution of all of your clients’ video assets (as well as their documents, images and audio files).

In streamlining existing operations we can significantly cut costs as well as opening out new business opportunities for you and your customers.

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Our platform boasts an extensive API that can add video, asset and rights management capabilities to existing systems.

We support single sign on and can provide private, hybrid and public cloud options for hosting. Our software operates with Azure, AWS and Google Cloud and can integrate with any existing hosting or storage platform.

White Label

Our system is designed to be white labelled. In a few clicks you can have your own highly sophisticated cloud video platform up and running. Then you can add your clients and give them their own branding too!






Working with our Partners, we’ve delivered projects ranging from the media management system for London 2012 to a video distribution platform for the Press Association.

Our Partners have used the platform to deliver projects for the UK, Irish and Spanish governments, corporations such as Glaxo SmithKlein and Aviva, leading broadcasters such as SBS and media agencies such as GroupM.

We’d be delighted to demonstrate some of these projects to you and talk you through how they benefited our Partners and their customers.

Partner With Us

We work with companies ranging from sports consultancies through hardware and software companies to hosting companies and ISPs.

We provide our Partners a rapid and effective way of offering cloud services to their clients, helping them, in turn, save costs and open new revenue opportunities.

Our Partners benefit from having a significant new revenue stream. To discuss how your organization might benefit from partnering with us, get in touch via the form below.


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